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| August 27, 2015


 Dacia Bettsd betts

Company: Institute of Technology

Industry:  Health Care & Information Technology, Renewable Energy

Job Title: CEO

Favorite Quote:

“You can make money or you can make excuses but you cant make both at the same time.”


90% the reason we dont take advantage of more opportunity is because of the excuses we make.

Make sure we’re spending time in the right areas.

– investing out time on what produces the real result

Focus more on the opportunity than the product

Be able to answer the question; “What can you do for me?” in a way that makes sense to our prospects and clients.


About the Institute of Technology

An educational agency formed in 2010 that provides training leading to certification for individuals desiring certifications in the Health Care Information Technology, Information Technology, Renewable Energy and Leadership and Career Development.  The Institute is also seeking to serve the corporate Health Information Management, Information Technology and Renewable Energy sectors by providing advanced training and certification to their workforce.

Learn More Here.

Institute of Technology
2122 Kratky Road, Suite 100
St. Louis, MO 63114


Interview by Bob Marx.

Bob is the President of MST Selling System.

A sales and communication coach, author and award winning Toastmaster combined with 15 years’ experience in senior management, Bob has become a key source of sales improvement to the Manufacturing, Insurance, Printing & Banking industries.

Bob can be reached at


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