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| September 3, 2015


 Scott Ghormley1c4f230

Company: Abbott Medical Optics

Industry:  Medical Devices

Job Title:Territory Sales Manager / Corporate Sales Trainer / Medical/Surgical Business Consultant

Favorite Quote:

“The more you talk the less effect you are going to have…”


Don’t sell – consult

–          Most people in sales talk too much

–          First find out if there is a fit

Over prepare

–          Know where you want the conversation to go

–          Ensure that what your expecting is what they are expecting

To have an impact, add a story to your presentation, give them a visual.

Make the description of what you provide as simple as possible.

If you treat it like a job, you’ll get paid like a job.

Business owners make more than employees; treat it like your business


About Abbott Medical Optics

Globally, we are number one in LASIK; number two in cataract, where we are growing our position with the TECNIS® platform; and we are number three in eye care solutions. Our Vision Care pipeline is balanced across each segment, with a number of products launching over the next five years.

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Interview by Bob Marx.

Bob is the President of MST Selling System.

A sales and communication coach, author and award winning Toastmaster combined with 15 years’ experience in senior management, Bob has become a key source of sales improvement to the Manufacturing, Insurance, Medical, Printing & Banking industries.

Bob can be reached at


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