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| September 18, 2015

A few months back I started working with a new client … let’s call him Jim.

We started working together because Jim made the big decision to leave the comfort and security of salaried 9 to 5 (which he hated) and decided to go into business for himself, selling a similar service.

This wasn’t a decision made in haste…  you know the kind where one day you look up and decide – nope – no way – not one second more.  This was a well thought out plan.

He spent the necessary time learning the market, perfecting his unique selling proposition and building the necessary foundation to service happy clients.

Pegatina simbolo processSo after months of planning, preparation and all the tiresome activities that go along with building and establishing any new business – it was opening day!


The story as Jim told it to me was being super excited on the first day… then getting a little panicked after the first week then sweating bullets week 3 then flat out panic attack after month 2.

See he had a great product, a clearly defined selling proposition and he was good at his job! – But the phone wasn’t ringing… no matter how long he looked at it.


(He later told me that several times he called his office number from his cell phone just to make sure the number worked…)


Naturally the problem was sales.  Starting the whole process of getting prospects and turning those prospects in to paying customers.  As it turns out the problem WAS the problem.

Like many of us Jim was very good at finding other things that needed to be done. – Like tweaking his website, following up on business cards, compulsively checking his Face book ad results…

He was getting ready to get ready…


So that’s where we started.  I asked him what I call the Big Why.  Here’s how it goes… its 2 parts.

Where is the biggest opportunity in your business that would require the least amount of effort?

Why haven’t you done it yet?


Sometimes the first part of the question alone is enough.  It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day and lose sight of what’s in front of us.

contentUsually it’s the second part – Why haven’t you done it yet? That uncovers where the real problem is.

The big why for Jim was that sense of feeling uncomfortable making the initial contact.


He felt as though he would be reaching out to people with his hat in his hand.  – To Jim making an initial contact felt a lot like begging.

Forget about right or wrong = it was something that he felt and that made it true.

So here’s what we did… we reduced the task to point of being ridiculous.


Making that first step so small that it would feel flat out silly not to do it.

In this case it was calling 2 friends who worked in the same space he did…

Letting them know he was up and running. – That was it.

Call 2 friends and tell them you’re open for business.

The main idea here was to actually get started.  Stop getting ready to get ready and actually do something.


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Now because the best ideas are the ones we actually use…




Mindset; this is the WHY, the reasons and attitude we bring to what we do.

Making the transition from getting everything ready to go and actually taking the next step can be a lot harder than it sounds.  Laying the groundwork feels so darn productive… because it is!  Leaving the getting ready mode has a sense of uncertainty and often leaves many caught in a frustrating circle.


Strategy; the HOW, How can we put this idea into our business.

Ask yourself the big Why question;

Where is the biggest opportunity in your business that would require the least amount of effort?

Why haven’t you done it yet?

  • Then pay attention to your answer…


Technique; WHAT, what can we do today, this week.

Knowing why isn’t going to change much if anything.  Whatever the reason, break the next step down to the point of being ridiculous.  What is one thing you can do that even the thought of not doing would seem silly.

Sometimes getting out of your own way starts with getting out of your own head.

Let your competition miss opportunity after opportunity getting ready to get ready.

You, ask yourself the big why and get moving.

The competition they don’t have this Mindset, Strategy and Technique…

 You’re Selling More by Talking Less.

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